Crockpot Shampoo Bar Recipe

Crock Pot Shampoo Bar Recipe(light hair version)
  • 3oz Canola Oil       
  • 12oz Castor Oil
  • 14oz Coconut Oil
  • 2oz Hempseed Oil
  • 2oz Jojoba Oil
  • 11oz Olive Oil
  • 16oz liquid (chamomile tea is a good choice for light hair)
  • 6oz lye
  • .8oz eo (I used lemongrass, lavandin, a touch of neroli and lemon myrtle and some eucalyptus)
I used 8oz water to mix with the lye, then juice 1 lemon, topped and topped it up to 1/3 cup with cider vinegar, then added chamomile tea to equal another 8 oz of liquid to be added after the soap cooked in the crock pot.
Mix the lye into the water and let sit in a safe place. Melt the oils in
the crockpot (hold back the hemp until after it's cooked).
Mix the lye water with the oils. Cover and cook for about an hour. Stir as needed.
I add the hemp near the end of the cook. Shortly after I do a tongue test and when the zing is gone, remove from heat. (note: don't do this until you are reasonably sure that the soap is cooked. Walking around the house with your burnt tongue hanging out of your mouth isn't very appealing no matter how beautiful your skin is. (well, maybe to Fido) :0)
Slop into whatever mold you are using. You can use this right away but if you let it sit a few days to a week it will become quite hard and last well.
Dry Hair: Replace a percentage of the jojoba or hemp with a bit of shea butter or other butter.  You could also try a little less coconut and a little more olive.
Oily Hair: Lemon juice (blonde hair) or cider vinegar (dark hair) can be
used in place of some of the water as well as chamomile tea (blonde hair) or rosemary tea (dark hair) and peppermint tea could be nice for either.
You can also up the coconut and decrease the hemp or jojoba, but you'd have to recalculate the lye.
General: Olive oil could be infused with any herb that you'd like to use.
Floral Waters can also be added at the end of the cook.
Essential Oils: I use rosemary eo along with peppermint and/or lavandin. Lemongrass and peppermint could be nice also. (Did you know that rosemary tea apparently will cover grey with regular
Comments: I couldn't wait to try a shampoo bar and I haven't been at all dissapointed, I would never buy shampoo again. Now how do you make a natural conditioner? I have been putting a bit jojoba with rosemary on my hair at night sometimes and washing it out in the morning with no residue but it is noticably softer.
I also like to spray my hair with rosemary hydrosol while it's wet after I wash it, it also seems to give me softness and shine.
UPDATE 2006: I've been using all of my basic bars for shampoo for quite awhile now. Since I've started designing my own, as a rule I only use 1oz of palm. I heard somewhere that palm is what causes the problem of residue and film, I don't know if it's true, but I am quite happy using all of my bars with low palm for shampoo (as a rule I don't use it much in any recipes and have no soap scum on the tub.)
I have short hair, but I haven't used conditioner for a long time and it's perfectly healthy.
I use the coconut recipe (link below) for shampoo as well, it is excellent for oily hair (both my kids commented that it makes their hair squeak :0).
UPDATE 2007: I ran out of my shampoo bar and haven't made more, boy do I miss it!  Far too many shampoo bottles lying around, too expensive and I always need conditioner.  First thing on my soapmaking list is to dig out the crockpot shampoo bar recipe!  

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