Lavender, a Natural Healing Essential

Lavender has been used since olden times to scent baths. In fact, its name comes from the Latin word, lavare, which means "to wash". Today, lavender is considered an essential element of any herbal medicine chest. It has many healing effects. While well known for its relaxing qualities, lavender is also anti-bacterial, analgesic, anti-depressant, and a tonic for the nervous system.

Lavender has been shown to help insomnia sufferers to fall asleep more quickly and have a more restful sleep. In 1995, The Lancet published a study which reported that inhaling lavender essential oil was as effective as tranquilizers in helping insomniacs fall asleep. Moreover, they slept more peacefully when inhaling lavender scent than when using tranquilizers. Lavender is a tried and tested natural remedy for insomnia.

Lavender has also been found to have an effect similar to anti-depressants. It depresses the central nervous system, and therefore can be an effective treatment particularly for stress-related depression.

Lavender is also useful during pregnancy and childbirth. Essential lavender oil can be used in massages to prevent stretch marks and relieve back pains, edema and labor pains. Mixed with water, it is also a good wash for perineal tears. Lavender tea can be used in warm compresses to help ease engorgement when breastfeeding.

Small wonder then that many products use lavender to harness its healing powers. Lavender comfort pillows by Pillows of Lavender contain essential oil of lavender, combined with other herbs, to obtain various results. Used warm, Pillows of Lavender are good for relaxing, relieving pain, and inducing sleep. When cold, Pillows of Lavender help reduce inflammation, ease headaches, and invigorate a tired mind and body.

Both young and old will benefit from the soothing, healing effects of Pillows of Lavender. Try them yourself and give them as gifts. Pillows of Lavender provide a quick get-away from the hustle and bustle of daily life through the natural and proven benefits of lavender.

Pillows of Lavender

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