Healthy Summer Skin Care

July 17, 2011 No comments yet

Like this post? Share the love :0) Over the years I’ve found that having the best looking and healthiest skin is a two part process. PART ONE- Taking care of your skin from the inside by eating healthy foods. I have found that the more raw foods I eat the better my skin looks. Greens [...]

Summer time Aromatherapy

July 18, 2007 2 comments

Like this post? Share the love :0) I bought some lemons yesterday, my daughter used one to make some lemonade. I could smell the fresh scent all the way in my office, when I went in the kitchen hours later it still smelt nice. So I put them in a bowl and poured some boiling [...]

Speaking of Summer Skin Care

July 16, 2007 No comments yet

Like this post? Share the love :0) I also have been busy adding articles to the new site. I have included an article on Natural Sunburn Remedies as well as a few others on summer skin care. I had planned to make a bigger hoopla about it, but the summer is getting away from [...]

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