Creepy Coffin Soap Making

October 19, 2014 No comments yet

Like this post? Share the love :0)   If you’d like a sneak peak at my Halloween Creepy Coffins and Tombstone soaps, check out the video link below. I also made a few shorter videos that highlight using Mica to decorate the soaps and the other one is a quick shot of mixing up the Black Australian […]

How To Infuse Alkanet Root To Make Lavender Soap

July 13, 2013 No comments yet

Here is how I am making my Alkanet Root sun infusion to give my Lavender Soap a natural lavender colour. I am trying it three ways…

How Much Facial Clay To Use In My Natural Face Mask?

April 28, 2013 No comments yet
Make Your Own Face Masks - Ingredients Skincare Naturals

Like this post? Share the love :0) Using natural clays for making homemade face masks is easy peasy and sooooo much better than the synthetic laden cheap masks and scrubs that you can get at the retail stores. And they are not very expensive either when you break it down, especially if you factor in […]

Dark African Natural Cocoa Butter Prebuy Sale

December 5, 2011 Comments Off

Like this post? Share the love :0) Here is a bit about the Cocoa Butter… The dark African Natural Cocoa Butter ™ you find at Skincare Care Naturals differs from the other cocoa butters we stock (organic steam deodorized and organic unrefined) in one major way, it hasn’t been through the fermentation/roasting process that is […]

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