Rose Otto Recipes, Uses, Blends, Aromatherapy

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English: Unknown rose - Bagatelle Rose Garden ...

Rose Otto – a true woman’s oil – as perfume, essential oil blends, uses for, natural skincare recipes and aromatherapy applications such as menopause, stress and depression.

A Few of My Favourite Things – at a discount!

April 17, 2013 No comments yet

Like this post? Share the love :0) In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been – I’ve been involved in a somewhat David and Goliath struggle to try to keep a mega quarry out of our neighbourhood – so far to no avail unfortunately. As the end is near, it does mean that I can [...]

Cocoa Butter – Bulk Unrefined Certified Organic Fair Trade Prebuy Special

July 10, 2011 No comments yet

Like this post? Share the love :0) COCOA BUTTER – BULK UNREFINED ORGANIC FAIR TRADE PREBUY SPECIAL DESCRIPTION – This cocoa butter has a wonderful chocolately aroma┬ácharacteristic of raw unrefined cocoa butter. Certified Organic and Fair Trade. Suitable for any skin care application or soap recipe. PRICE – 297.00 + Shipping To You + Taxes [...]

Steam Deodorized Cocoa Butter Fair Trade Certified Organic – Saturday Surprise Special

October 30, 2010 No comments yet

Like this post? Share the love :0) I like the soft powdery feel that cocoa butter adds to body butters and lotions. I’ve been using it regularly to replace palm oil as well in soap – cocoa butter gives a fantastic fullness to the lather and a hardness to the soap. Since many of us [...]

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