Green and Clean – Window Cleaner

March 19, 2011 3 comments

Like this post? Share the love :0) I’ve been cleaning windows like crazy around here  (btw, that’s not me or my windows. But I like them!). I can’t believe the difference it makes, and with spring just around the corner, it just seems the right thing to do. Why not let the sun shine in! [...]

Cyber Monday Skincare Sale x 3

December 1, 2008 2 comments

It’s cyber Monday x 3! This Monday we have 3 cyber specials, and next Monday and the Monday after that. Sounds like fun!

Causes of Indoor Air Pollution – Air Freshener or Air Poisoner

November 10, 2007 1 comment

Like this post? Share the love :0) The causes of indoor air pollution are of great concern to people with allergies, asthma or migraines.   Here is an article network on Yahoo that I found this morning with some very interesting reading on one cause of indoor air pollution – synthetic air fresheners – and all kinds of [...]

A Green Invitation

November 6, 2007 1 comment

Like this post? Share the love :0) I’ve been having a good time folding laundry and watching Oprah tonight and was very pleased to see her promoting green cleaning products on her show about preventing aging. Of course we already know that chemicals aren’t good to have building up in our bodies (and the earth, [...]

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