Skin Care Naturals News

 Skin Care Naturals News


I came across a few interesting things today.

BILL C-51 

The first one is a new bill that is being put through the system quite quickly called C-51.

I'm not clear on all of the details of it, but it does look like it will effect the natural care industry in many ways, including natural skin care products and regulations for selling.

There is some fascinating reading on this report

The website that I got the link from is here

It's the first I've heard of this although I'm sure that there must be some buzz around the community and sources of clearer explanations as to what is what on the bill – translation please :0)

If you know of any, feel free to put the link in the comments section here, or I have started a new forum topic at our new community if you would like to discuss it in further detail.



I have opened a brand spanking new community called iShine that has been a dream of mine for a few years now.

When I began my skin care supplies business 7 years ago, I had no idea what so ever the impact that starting a small home business would have on my self or my family.

As all of you know, there is a lot going on in our busy lives these days and I really found out first hand how hard it can be to manage everything, and do well at the important things.

It resulted in my interest in time management, organization, working at home and the importance of taking care of one's self through it all.

Without learning these things, I would not have been able to continue to function in all capacities, it was certainly an education!

It spurred me to want to help other women who were having the same experiences in juggling it all so I started a website called the Queen of KAOS, which I have been maintaining in earnest for almost a year.

When I finally was able to create the community, I was very pleased to be able to include the components of soap making, natural skin care, environment and natural health – they remain important and fun aspects of being a mom and a home crafter – the fit right in!

So I'd love to invite all of you to browse the new forums, choose a topic and give us your two cents! You can even create your own blog there, a feature that I looked long and hard for.

There is a questionnaire with a main focus on organizing and home to fill out upon signing up, the questions are not mandatory, just something to help us all to help each other. Fill them in if you like or leave them. 

I hope in time to expand the community to include topics and items of further use in all areas.

I'd love to hear your input and suggestions. You can even start your own forum topic if you don't see one that you would like to discuss. 

I also have a few groups started to help us to keep things in order around the house.

The TAKE 5 program has been very popular and I find it to be extremely helpful myself. It's a free program.

The Spring Into Spring Cleaning Challenge is for a nominal fee and I feel very well worth the focus and support that you receive to help you to get it done, out of your hair, and give yourself a clear space and pleasant environment for everything else you have going on in your busy life.

It's open from April 1 – June 31. 

Subscribers of TAKE 5 get a 1/2 price coupon, bringing the total to 7.50.

You can read all about them here

TAKE5 and Spring Into Spring Cleaning Challenge Groups

I'd love to see you there.


Since spring is upon us and summer fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to point out Essential Wholesale.

If you do your shopping in the US, they not only have a huge selection of natural skin care supplies, but what makes them unique is their natural bulk bases and custom services.

Here is a short blurb from their website…

"Essential Wholesale has one of the largest selections of natural and organic unscented Cosmetic Bases in the world with over 1,000 stock formulations and custom formulation services too. Compare our ingredients to any competitor and you will see a significant difference in the ingredient quality as well as the active levels.  Our Labs division specializes in natural and organic alternatives for custom formulations, contract packaging and private labeling for all size businesses with the lowest minimums in the industry."
If you buy bases or would like to work with Essential Wholesale to have them developed, now is the perfect time to get on it.
You can read the rest and browse their products at their website…
And that catches us up!
your day to shine


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