Christmas Shopping and Soap Making Tools

I recently placed an order from my Regal Greetings and Gifts catalogue and wanted to give you a heads up about a few things in the catalogue.

I personally love shopping from them and have done it since my kids were small (the oldest is 21 now!)

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures to post, but here is a list of items with catalogue page number.

You can go to my Regal site (I’m a rep) and click on the Christmas Catalogue to see them.

Regal Catalogue Site


Measuring Cup Digital Scale – page 47 – comes with a 5 year warranty.

Box Grater & Cut Resistant Glove – page 47 (super if you hand grate soap or anything else for that matter)

Measure Equivalents Magnet – page 59 (great for handy reference of measurements both wet and dry)

Mini Sauce Pan Trio – page 61 – 1/2 cup, 1 cup and 1 1/2 cup sizes for those trial batches. I’ve used similar pots with a coffee warmer as the heat source – works like a charm (I can’t guarantee these ones will fit but it may be worth a try)

Measuring Shot Glass – page 69 – Measures up to 6 tsp/1 ounce in millilitres/tablespoons and a few other things I can’t see from the picture. Darn, I didn’t get one!

3 Tier Stackable Cooking Rack – page 55 – I used one of these to use my heat register to ‘slow melt’ my mango butter. But they are great for baking too, mine have seen many cookies!

Silicone Baking and Pastry Matt – page 52 – This one is a little pricey because it comes with bells and whistles for pie making. I have two others that I use to line my wooden molds with, works like a charm with very little set up.

3 Station Stainless Steel Buffet – page 51 – I wanted to get this but held off because I don’t really NEED it. It has 3 seperate heat sources with individual settings. I had thought that it could be use directly to heat oils on low or with some water to create a 3 in one double boiler system that can be used outside of the kitchen (I’m not fussy on soapmaking in the kitchen if it can be avoided) I didn’t get one so I can’t tell you for sure how it would work, but it looks like it could have some great potential as a time saver and mobile heating unit.

There is a ton of other stuff that is great in the kitchen, health/personal care and Christmas.

Catalogues come out a few times a year, mostly during new seasons. Sometimes you can get items from the old catalogue, often they have new stuff and discontinue some of the other items so if you see something you want, it’s always good to grab it while the gettings good (this also helps to avoid out of stock situations).


One thing, the items are only available in Canada. If you are in the US and have some favourites I would consider stocking them or special ordering them, you can let me know using the Contact form on the top menu bar.

Regal Catologue – BTW, shipping is quite reasonable – $4 for orders under $100 and 4% for orders over.

You can order using their shopping cart.

It isn’t click and shop easy but it can all be done securely online – you need to view the catalogue by clicking the catalogue link, make note of what you want to order including the item number and then click the shop link.Choose new or returning customer and it will take you to the order page where you input the item number and quantity you’d like. It auto fills the rest and takes you through the payment process.

Orders usually arrive quickly. If there is something on back order or discontinued there will be a pop up on the top of the page to let you know. It can be easy to miss if you don’t look for it so keep an eye out when you input an item.

Also, be sure to hit ‘Update Cart’ often or your page may time out (ask me how I know :0)

And that’s it.

I hope that you enjoy the convenience and selection as much as I do!

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