Weekend Out at the Fall Fair

I spent Sunday and Monday of the long weekend selling soaps and natural skin care items at the Burks Falls Fall Fair. I’ve been stepping out a bit this summer, also at the Burks Falls Farmers Market and will be in full swing of making new soaps and skin care items over the next months and Christmas that will be available on the website as well as some of the Christmas crafts sales and markets.


First I’d like to say thanks to everyone who came over to check out my soaps and natural skin care items. It was a real treat for me to chat with you, your interest and comments were very much appreciated!

For everyone who took  a new item home, I hope that you enjoy them and watch the website for new soaps and other items coming up soon. If you would like to be notified by email of new items and specials you can sign up to my new SKN Soaps, Scents and Skincare newsletter.


I also managed to do some shopping! I have been needing some jewellery pretty much since my girls got big enough to raid my jewellery collection. I don’t buy expensive jewellery because I also have a tendency to lose or break it so I was delighted to find a lady selling really nice jewellery at a great price.

I bought some great items that I would never find in a store and I also did some Christmas shopping.

I made the lady’s morning I’m sure AND I she gave me quite a few free items. Just try that at a big box store!

I supported the Burks Falls library by purchasing some used books cheap and found a handmade note lady – I have been wanting to purchase some little handmade thank you notes for SKN customers for ages and now I’ve found some – along with some great cards and stocking stuffers.


As both a seller and a shopper I can tell you that each and every small purchase made from homemade crafters and home business owners is greatly appreciated, probably more than you know unless you have been on the other side of the table. It can make the difference between a person being able to continue to keep a business that works well for them or having to stop and get a minimum wage job at a chain store.

That is HUGE. You are in effect buying not just a great product that you probably couldn’t buy somewhere else, but you are supporting a dream and helping a family.



If you are selling and haven’t had a table at a farmers market or fair you really should try it. It isn’t easy, but it’s a lot of fun, it’s great to get out – meet new people as well as reconnect with old friends.

You will be amazed at the ideas people will give you and it’s a great way to be available for your customers.

And it’s a great way to try new things and make improvements in your product and presentation. I am going to be putting a lot of what I learned to good use on the website as well.

Unfortunately I didn’t check my camera batteries so I couldn’t get pictures there, but here are a few shots of some of the soap baskets I had out.

The gold one is called Sandalwood Gold, it’s made with the Sandalwood Blend essential oil and a high cocoa butter base, the green ones are the castile/coconut bars that are always popular for sensitive skin because they are so gentle – the olive oil I use is unfiltered organic – it gives a great natural scent and is a little bit different, and the pink are smaller rose soaps made with a rose geranium blend.

I’ll have more details in coming weeks and also will have some of these up on the website for sale.

Homemade Castile coconut soap made with unfiltered organic olive oil in green gift bags.

Castile Coconut Soap - Scented with Juniperberry and Chinese Geranium

Sandalwood Blend Cocoa Butter Soap

Sandalwood Gold Soap

Rose Geranium Homemade Soap in rose or white coloured gift bag.

Rose Geranium Soap

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