Healthy Summer Skin Care

Posted on July 17, 2011
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Over the years I’ve found that having the best looking and healthiest skin is a two part process.

PART ONE- Taking care of your skin from the inside by eating healthy foods.

I have found that the more raw foods I eat the better my skin looks. Greens – raw are better but some cooked are good too, seem to pack the biggest punch.


I get a powerhouse of raw skin care from green smoothies. My skin looks best when I have at least one a day. You can take any smoothie recipe and just add raw spinach or mixed greens. Best option? Grow it yourself. It’s quite easy. I will have more on that coming up.

I also regularly have eggs cooked with baby spinach or greens on the side as well as salsa. If it sounds a little different, try it. I’m hooked! Just cook them beside your eggs for a few minutes so that they are soft but not mushy. I usually add some water to lightly steam my eggs as well as the veggies – you can also use sliced tomatoes, peas and herbs from your garden. You can add a bit of greens to almost anything and hardly notice if you slice them into small pieces.

A NOTE ABOUT COFFEE: Healthy diet for skin care is also much about what you don’t eat. One of the biggest offenders? Coffee. I have been drinking far too much lately myself and I can see it. If you can cut it out or even reduce it, you will notice a difference (in your anxiety and stress level as well, which is a big part of it.) Btw, alcohol is a close second. If you are using both, see what you can do and watch your skin take on a clear glow from the inside.

PART TWO- Taking care of your skin from the outside using natural ingredients that don’t contain harsh synthetics – in my experience they seem to agggravate the skin – bottom line my theory is that anything that goes onto and into the skin that is not biodegradable is likely going to aggrevate/irritate on some level. That’s not science, it’s my own suspicion :0) The implications go far beyond beauty but that is another story for a different day!

This is a video I did last winter. Odd for an article about healthy summer time skin care but it has a lot of timeless information in it, so what the heck! Maybe it will cool you down :0)

For more information on great skin care nutrition, here is an article from the blog

Here is an interesting idea – adding aloe to your smoothies. I haven’t tried it but it could be a great idea!

Next up is a closer look at simple summer skin care that you can use to take care of your skin from the outside.

Meantime, grab a green smoothie – or two!

And don’t forget to use save a bit a few of the berries to mash up and put in your face mask! (remember to always do a patch test first to test for sensitivities, especially if you have sensitive skin.)

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