Green Christmas Gift Ideas To Help The Planet

The crunch is just around the corner for Christmas gift giving.

It can be a time to create a lot of wrap, garbage and wasted time and money on gifts that are unappreciated or unused, or with a little effort and thinking ‘outside of the box’, it can be a great opporutunity to have some fun and spread some true Christmas cheer.

If you like to reuse, recycle, and care about the planet, here are some ideas that might help.

 1. Instead of giving a tangible item, give an experience A gift of this nature will not require boxes, wrapping paper, or other wasteful materials. Give your friends individual or season tickets to something that interests them – you may be able to get a season pass for the local skating rink, gym for working out or swimming, or a gift certificate to a restaurant – even a gift certificate for the local pizza place can be a wonderful thing. You will be helping to build memories, save time and your recipients won’t have to find a place for yet another gift item. There are many more things you can do like this, your imagination is the limit.

2. Pamper your friends. Arrange for a massage therapist to come to your friend’s house, or give him/her a gift certificate for a relaxing massage. From pedicures, facials to haircuts, giving such a gift will be a real treat. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered a bit during the busy holiday season – and beyond?

3. Home-made gifts mean a lot. When you make a gift for someone, you have to think about who they are and what they’d like. People really appreciate this time and effort that is evident in a home-made gift. Are there any foodies on your list? Buy a vintage container, mug or cup at an antique store (tea cups are usually to be found in abundance in antique stores) and fill it with home-made candies or cookies. You can also make your own gourmet cocoa mix using sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, and powdered milk. That goes well in a handsome mug, as does attractively wrapped loose tea and an infuser (avoiding the waste of tea bags).

4. Food is always appreciated Aside from the usual cookies and candy, there are practical and meaningful food items you can give the people on your gift list. Bake them a loaf of home-made bread (thus skipping that pesky plastic wrapping on store-bought bread), or even an entire meal. You can bring it to them or invite them over.  This is especially awesome for new mothers (and old ones too!!)

5. Give something living. Sprout some culinary or medicinal herbs in your windowsill and give your friends a useful, living gift. Nothing brightens the darkest days of winter like growing plants, and this is one gift that is truly green! Want to spruce it up even more? Put it in a unique container and/or paint it or decorate it yourself. Even a small, simple painted on picture can really jazz it up and make it personal.

6. It doesn’t have to big. Something small that is just up their alley can be far more appreciated than something large that doesn’t interest them. My sister recently bought me a cup with an insert to infuse tea and a lid. It’s one of my favourite things, I use it all the time.

7. And of course homemade skin care items, pamper and spa baskets are always appreciated. You can make them big or small by making a themed basket or a single item in a small gift bag. You can even make that yourself by decorating a small paper bag or cutting one to size and stamping it or tieing it with ribbon or jute. If you need some quick ideas to ‘make it special’, you can get them here.

DIY Gift Giving Ideas and Everything Christmas.

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