Using Thanksgiving Leftovers for Homemade Skin Care Videos

Posted on October 12, 2011
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 Thanksgiving leftovers for skin care? You bet!

Here are a few videos that I thought you might enjoy to help you clean out your fridge and freshen up your skin.

How to Use Leftovers – on Your Face!

BellaSugarTV: Facebook Twitter: This holiday season, find out how your skin can benefit from a Thanksgiving feast. Watch our video to see which fall ingredients make the best beauty boosters, and how to make…


Leftover Facials

Beauty Expert Stacy Cox showed how Thanksgiving leftovers can be used to reduce wrinkles and under-eye swelling.


Cranberry Ninja Facial Mask

A fast and easy “double duty” facial mask that you can do yourself! Home-made and organic, this fresh and fab concoction encompasses all of your skin care needs!


“The Great Pumpkin Facial”

Embrace the autumn season with this tutorial on how to make a fabulous homemade, organic mask in no time at all! Right from your own kitchen, create something that will make your skin glow better and brighter than any jack-o-lantern!

Thanksgiving Facial

Sweet Potato rejuvenating mask facial. Ingredients: 1 Sweet potato or yam. 1 egg Cinnamon Honey DIRECTIONS: Boil sweet potato till tender. Peel skin off potato. Smash potato. Add egg to potato. Add cinnamon and honey to potato. Spread on face and lea…



If you want a few things to help spruce up your Thanksgiving face mask, you can get some great exfoliants and clays at Skincare Naturals – your do it yourself one stop.

Homemade Face Mask Clays

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