Quick and Easy Mango Body Butter Recipe

I love the fresh natural scent of Mango Butter so I had to try the White Body Butter recipe with it, omitting the Monoi de Tahiti and adding some Nerolina essential oil instead.

I often find that I like to take a recipe and try it with something else, very often one ingredient change can make something completely different. It’s one of the beautiful things about making it yourself.


Making a recipe like this quickly removes any fears you may have about making something for yourself. If you are asking yourself whether or not you CAN do it, I can tell you with no question that you can.

If you are telling yourself that you don’t have time, this recipe hardly takes any time or attention. You do need to remember to stir fairly often as the Mango Butter softens up so that the bottom doesn’t melt rather than soften, at that point it’s a matter of mixing up the remaining ingredients – there are only 2 so it’s not that hard!

I just wanted to mention this because I often hear people say that they could never make their own skin care items or that they don’t have the time. It really is much easier than you might think.

I tried the Mango Body Butter this morning and it is heavenly – it goes on like silk, absorbs well and has a clean fresh out of the shower scent. The beauty of it is that you can scent it however you please. Mango butter does have a scent of it’s own so you may want to stick with a clean, crisp type scent, but it isn’t overpowering, so you probably could make it work with pretty much anything.

So on with the recipe…


Here are the basic ingredients you will need.

  • 8oz mango butter
  • 3oz fractionated coconut oil
  • 40 drops nerolina essential oil – Note: this does not give a strong scent, you may want to go up to 66 drops if you want to stick with a 1% dilution which I think is nice for a product you will use frequently and is not a wash off item. If you like you could go a touch stronger depending on skin type/tolerence etc. If you are using a different essential oil you also will want to adjust according to how strong and lingering it is.


  • I heated 8oz of mango butter on very low heat, instead of melting it completely, if you can just soften enough to mix you will have less problem with grains – the same goes for shea butter.

Here is an article with ‘slow/gentle melt’ instructions to avoid grains.

I did mine on my heat register, it can be done on a double boiler system of your choosing as well, and even solar when it’s warm enough outside (which won’t be for awhile for many of us!).

  • When it was soft enough to manage I added 3oz of fractionated coconut oil mixed with the nerolina.
  • Stir it up and put into jars. You will probably want to scoop it in with a spoon rather than pour.  I found it soft enough to be quite workable.

If you need to know how much is in the jar, you will want to weigh it empty first and then check it as you fill it to reach your desired weight.

I like to leave the lids off overnight just to release any moisture. It’s a good idea to cover them with a clean towel.

You can use what you make earlier, but to get a good idea of the final consistency, letting almost anything sit overnight is a good idea. Keep in mind that butters can be affected by room temperatures.

It’s always a good idea to be careful when transporting butters so that there is no leakage if it is hot enough for them to melt. If you keep it in your purse be sure to have a leak proof container.

In the morning, it’s always fun to rush over like Christmas day and try out your brand new Mango Body Butter!

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