Last Day for 1/2 Price Soap Making Video – Unscented Castile Soap

If you are learning to make soap and would like to have a teacher in your own home, showing you exactly what to do, jump on the Soap Making Fun video that is on for half price until the end of today.

After that, it goes back up.

Today is the last day to get it at such a reasonable price.

Soap Making Fun 50% Off Sale

See a complete table of contents for the bonus guide that comes with it!

Soap Making Fun Details

Below, is an example of some of the great soap that you can make when you know how! It is a lot of fun, environmentally friendly and skin healthy.  Sounds good to me!


 Castile Soap

I'm happy to say that I've got my Castile Soap made with unfiltered virgin olive oil back in stock.

This is one of my favourite soaps. Not only is it extremely gentle, as gentle as any high end pricey cleanser that you can buy on the market, but there is something about the purity of it… the remaining scent of the olive oil that comes through… the feel of it… the colour… the green glow of it… the froggy stamp :0)… everything about this otherwise unassuming bar of soap just makes me feel good :0)

I add a touch of unrefined organic coconut oil to give it a barely there touch of lather. I keep it to a minimum because the silky "non lather" of a true castile soap is what gives it's gentleness and benefits of using it to the skin – especially sensitive, young or aging skin.

It is available for sale at my soap making and skin care supplies site at this page – Organic Castile Soap made with unfiltered organic olive oil.  (note, I do not presently have the sandalwood soap that is on that page in stock)


At this time, I cannot stock the unfiltered organic olive oil but I can give you the recipe.

You can use any other olive oil, I would advise that you not use pomice. It is used often by soap makers but be aware that it can have solvent remnants in it.


15 oz organic olive oil

1 oz unrefined organic coconut oil 

2.16 oz lye

5.6 oz water (you can round that up to 6oz, I am breaking down a 5lb batch)

your day to shine

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