How To Infuse Alkanet Root To Make Lavender Soap

There are many ways to infuse oils for soapmaking.

I was itching to make some more lavender soap and wanted some natural colour for it so I hunted down a little piece of Alkanet Root that I had hiding and starting experimenting with some sun infusions.

Alkanet Root Sun Infusion Jam Jar – about 2 hours in the sun…

I found this thread to be informative

as well as this…

Here is a really nice blog post about various natural colourants in general with soap pictures…


Here is how I am making my Alkanet Root infusion to give my Lavender Soap a natural lavender colour.

I am trying three things…

1. 2 heaping tsp of Alkanet Root in 8oz Olive Oil (I used the lightest colour I could find) (picture at the back)

2. 1 heaping tsp Alkanet Root in 2oz Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil (picture in the middle)

3. 4 heaping tsp Alkanet Root in 8oz Olive Oil (picture at the front)

I want to see what difference the various percentages make in the Olive Oil and which I prefer as a base oil – the Olive or High Oleic Sunflower, which I like because it makes a very nice conditioning oil and clear in colour.

It is a beautiful sunny day today, I have a nice hot spot on my back deck so I poured them all into jars and used some cut glass bowls that I have for lids – I will be keeping these outside for the afternoon then using the double infusion tonight and sealing the others with canning lids and keeping in my sun porch for a few days longer.

Ratanjot Root Olive and Sunflower Oil Infusions To Make Lavender Soap

Alkanet Root Olive and Sunflower Oil Infusions To Make Lavender Soap

I forgot to take a picture of the Alkanet Root in its original form, but here are a few I took while I was making the infusion…

Ratanjot Root pieces.

Alkanet Root Pieces – It pulls apart easily but does stain your fingers and nails. Gloves may be a good idea if that is a problem.

Ratanjot Root Core

After peeling away the outside bark layers, this is what is inside of the Alkanet Root. I am going to put this in the lye water and see what happens.


Ratanjot Root Crushed

I tried ‘boosting’ the Alkanet infusion process by crushing it with a mortar and pestle. It did create some powder but likely was not worth the effort.


Me taking a picture of the ratanjot infused oils.

So what’s better than making soap in the sunshine at home?

Stay tuned, I will be posting pictures as I make some Luscious Lavender Soap!



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