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Avoid Grainy Body Butters – How To Gently Melt Mango and Shea Butter

Gently melting your butter will help to keep the grainy feel that often pops up when using mango or shea butter.

I used our heat register – we have a wood stove so it throws a fair amount of heat and is just about right in terms of a gentle heat. I use a baking cooling wrack as a little bit of a buffer. If you have electric or oil heat I don’t know if you will be able to try this – it will depend on how much heat comes through and the size/style/location of your registers.

If you don’t, you can use another method as your heat source – a double boiler using hot tap water works well – you can also set a smaller container (I like to use pyrex to reduce the chance of breakage) inside of a crockpot – you can add some water to make a double boiler type system.

You can even use solar in the summer time. I utilize our car – there are many ways that you can capture a gentle heat source that won’t cause your shea or mango butter to melt completely or too quickly. I don’t recommend direct heat – it is harsh, can heat too quickly and it can be a fire hazard as well if the oils overheat or spill – oils and butters are extremely flammable.

Here are a few pictures so that you can see what to expect and how it works.

Bakers cooling wrack that I use to soften the heat from the register.

Nothing fancy - a large stainless steel mixing bowl so that there is more surface area and a lid from a pot.

Mango Butter First Stir - Still Semi Solid

Mango Butter first 'mash', semi solid at room temperature (a warm room, approximately 68 degrees or so.

Starting to soften on the bottom of bowl.

Mango Butter taking on a bit of a sheen as it starts to melt.

Very small lumps left, try to squish them with the fork as you stir to smooth them out as best you can.

A little smoother - now you can add your goodies.

Gently melting your mango or shea butter is my favourite way to deal with preventing grainy butter. If you haven’t tried it, give it a whirl and see how it works for you.

Want to try it out? Here’s a fantastic Quick and Easy Mango Body Butter Recipe.

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