Homemade Face Toner Recipe

I’ve been making an effort to improve my own skin care routine lately, so I made up a quick skin toner.

I was in the mood for patchouli so I used a few drops of patchouli essential oil – it’s great. I get my patchouli fix everytime I use it and it has good staying power.

I don’t have a lot of these ingredients in for sale on my site right now but I would be happy to reorder and start to carry them if there is any interest.

Let me know in the comment section if there are any items you see here, or any others that you would like to make your own homemade face toner.

If you have a favourite recipe, we would love to see it!

Personally I’ve usually found store bought facial toners to be harsh but I’ve realize that you can make your own completely lush toner very quickly and easily that really is a treat to use.

Here is what I used… (this time around, part of the fun is that there are so many possibilities!)

I didn’t measure, but I’ve put approximate percentage that I used. I made a 1oz bottle.

50% rose floral water

a few drops patchouli eo

5% pseudocollagen

a teeny weeny bit hyaluronic acid

30% helichrysum floral water

5% aloe extract

Here are a few links that you may like to explore about making your own homemade face toner.

It really is worth the time, they really do give a fresh face to start the day, also a great way to end the day feeling clean and ready for pleasant dreams!

Homemade Face Toner Recipes 1 – some great ideas for using things like watermelon juice.

Homemade Face Toner Recipes 2  – make your own toner from things like egg white and infused pine needles. Can’t wait to try it!

Homemade Face Toner Video – a nice illustration on how to easily use your own herbs and tea to make your own facial toner.

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