Dark African Natural Cocoa Butter Prebuy Sale

Here is a bit about the Cocoa Butter…

The dark African Natural Cocoa Butter ™ you find at Skincare Care Naturals differs from the other cocoa butters we stock (organic steam deodorized and organic unrefined) in one major way, it hasn’t been through the fermentation/roasting process that is used to separate the cocao butter or cocoa powder from the bean.

It hasn’t been through the fermentation/roasting process that is used to separate the cocao butter or cocoa powder from the bean.

This leaves all the anti-oxidant (flavonoids) and natural fats, trace minerals and vitamins, intact, making African Natural as close to raw as you can get.

The fermentation and roasting are what create the chocolate taste and smell of processed cocoa butter.

Despite smelling and tasting different than processed cocoa butter, African Natural has all the same physical characteristics except for colour.

This butter smells like the cocoa we make hot cocoa from, which is part of the reason that it is such a popular ingredient. Dark Cocoa Butter is softer and slightly more greasy than other cocoa butters, but absorbs very quickly into the skin.

Use in skin care formulations requiring a thickening agent that will also create a smoothing & moisturizing effect on the skin.

Non-greasy and velvety smooth – it literally sinks right into your skin and hair used in small amounts. Delish!

Physical Specifications

Scent: Smells like cocoa to me. NOTE: The scent in this butter is not strong enough to scent most end products on its own.

Colour: Cocoa – Dark brown blackish colour.

Absorption: Absorbs easily into skin

Benefits: Great for use as a smoothing, moisturizing, thickening agent in soaps & other skin care formulations.

Gives a unique colour – excellent for summer time skin care products if you are wanting to make a dark brown product – or use just a little to control the depth of the final product colour.

I like to use cocoa butters in general for their powdery feel – this one has a totally decadent smoothness too it as well. Besides, it’s just really cool!

No cocoa butter collection is complete without dark cocoabutter. Helps with the prevention of stretch marks. Rich in Vitamin E & anti-oxidants.

Practical Uses…

Dark Cocoa Butter is great to use in your skin care formulations to take advantage of it’s moisturizing, softening, & smoothing effects. It makes a very unique marbly brown soap.

Nice if used in oils such as olive, jojoba or avocado. Or for a really yummy scent, try it with virgin coconut oil.

Dark Cocoa Butter is like any other cocoa butter – you can use it to moisturize your skin and help with the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy or any time that rapid weight gain (or loss!) is predicted.

Great for use in recipes when a thicker or harder texture is desired. May also help to counteract against the sticky texture of certain fats, such as shea butter.

NOTE: It really is dark in colour and may stain clothing and skin. I did have some melt on a white tablecloth and it did come out when I hand scrubbed it with laundry detergent but it’s something to be aware of.

To see a few ways that I’ve used it for soap…

CROCK POT SOAP (great potential to make a lovely Tigers Eye gem soap)




Storage Recommendations Store Dark Cocoa Butter in a tightly sealed container, out of direct sunlight. Will have a shelf-life of up to 3 years under proper storage conditions.

TREAT YOUR SKIN THE HOMEMADE, NATURAL WAY! Dark Cocoa Butter is a great ingredient to use in your all-natural soap and skin care products. Take comfort not only in knowing exactly what ingredients are in the products you are using everyday, but also that your ingredients are 100% pure and natural!


Dark African Natural Cocoa Butter Prebuy Sale

Pricing excluding taxes and shipping to you.

25kg – 470.00 (price pr lb – 8.85)
10kg – 200.00 (price per lb – 9.41)
5kg – 105.00 (price per lb – 9.88)
5lbs – 53.00 (price per lb – 10.60)
1kg – 26.00 (price per lb – 12.24)

Order/payment deadline is Sunday Dec. 11

Expected mailout date from me to you is Monday Dec. 19 – 22th.
(note: if that date has to be updated I will keep all participants posted as ordering during the
Christmas Season can be unpredictable.)

Accepted payment method is paypal (using account or credit card processed through paypal) or email transfer.

Money Orders and Cheques are accepted but delivery schedule will be adjusted according to the time line of receipt by me and when
the bank clears the cheque.

Pricing after the prebuy…

25kg – 495.00 (price pr lb – 9.32)
10kg – 225.00 (price per lb – 10.59)
5lbs – 75.00 (price per lb – 15.00)
1lb – 14.99


In order to keep stock fresh and to guarantee you price breaks for supporting
Skincare Naturals, I’ve created the following pricing scale for bulk items.

PREBUY –  deepest discounts – preorder – waiting time depending on
demand. Wait time is typically 1 – 2 weeks for 25kg sizes. Smaller sizes will
depend on demand and current stock. I will contact you with any details of the
buy. If for some reason the buy is cancelled you will receive a full refund
within this time frame, or sooner if you let me know

QUICK BUY – overstock pricing – temporary discounted pricing – ship time 1 –
3 days.

REGULAR PRICING – in stock – ship time 1 – 3 days.


Current pricing for Dark African Natural Cocoa Butter is QUICK BUY for 5lb size, regular price

other sizes – 25kg is always preorder pricing as it is not an in stock item.


8oz and 16oz sizes…


5lb, 10kg and 25kg sizes…


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