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A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Oh My God Amazing

English: Unknown rose - Bagatelle Rose Garden ...

Bagatelle Rose Garden (Paris, France) Wikipedia

Lucky you! Now you can add two different kinds of roses to your essential oil collection.

Bulgarian Rose Otto is my personal long time favourite – this one is no disappointment – it literally BURSTS out of the bottle and I swear I could smell faint whiffs of it on me hours later when I was at work.

And we have White Rose Alba CO2 Certified Organic – also from Bulgaria – this one is new to me and did not disappoint either (is there a such thing as a disappointing pure rose oil? I doubt it!)

They are both quite different though – the Bulgarian Rose Otto springs like a bouquet to the senses, the White Rose Alba puts me in mind of being in my rose garden and stealing a whiff straight off the rose. There is something earthy about it, but not in the way of patchouli or tea tree – more in the way of rain or dew on the garden running faintly in the background but at the same time sweet. It is a must sniff for the rose groupie and for those who have not had the pleasure of sniffing a true rose oil as well!

If you would like to know more about the different methods in extracting Rose Oils (Rose Otto/Rose Absolute and C02’s), you can read this informative article from Liz at the Aromatic Wisdom Institute.

I am sure that I am going to be spending a lot of my days applying and sniffing my wrists and going ooohhh, aaahhh. I truly hope that you will join me!

Rose Otto Uses

My Rose Garden :0)

You can dab a little on your wrist and use Rose Otto as a perfume and as aromatherapy for calming and just a good all around feeling of being a girl – because you can!

You can soak in it in the bath in a bath/body oil or bath salts or put them together and make a prebath body scrub – can you imagine?

You can make your own body or facial lotion – or add it to your favourite unscented – you can get it unscented or already ‘Rosey’ here.

And yes, you can even make your own special Rose Otto soap – your not going to want to go crazy, but you CAN do a small and delicate rebatch at a time and have it all!

Rose Otto for skincare…

  • eczema
  • reduce the appearance of or prevent wrinkles
  • dry skin.

You can use this as your own personal sniffy or drawer/pillow scent. Rose simply is never misplaced or unappreciated.


Rose On Rose

Rose On Rose – Wikipedia

When I think of rose, I think of pink – even though roses come in many colours.

Pink is just a nice, calm, happy colour and that is how I think of it –

with a touch of burgundy for little womanly depth and experience.

What else can you ask for?

View an amazing video of the harvest – I cringe as each blossom is plucked from the rose bush – and wonder at the beauty of each petal – alive and vibrant as the workers fill their bags.

One of those things that I thought I’d never see…


English: Thalia rose - Bagatelle Rose Garden (...

Thalia rose – Bagatelle Rose Garden, Paris, France: Wikipedia

  • A pinch of Rose Otto with a smidgen of a Good Lavender – Awesome!
  • A pinch of Rose Otto with a smidgen of Vanilla Bourbon – Oh My Goodness Delicious!
  • A pinch of Rose Otto with smidgen of Nerolina or Organic Lemon or Petitgrain – Cool, Calm and Collected!

You may want to experiment a little with particular batches and species of any oil you are using as they will be slightly different – some will match better than others. That’s the fun part!

These are three common Rose Otto blends.

Rose generally blends nicely with other florals, melancholy scents or citrus.

Or you can use it straight up – you will want to cut  it with jojoba oil because a little goes such a long way.

You can do this yourself – here’s how…


English: A red rose with dewdrops Français : U...

A red rose with dewdrops -Wikipedia

Use a bit of Certified Organic Jojoba – the best to use because it has an almost unlimited shelf life – you would never want a base oil to interfere with the scent of your special and delightful rose.

Sometimes Fractionated Coconut Oil is used to dilute precious oils – in this case it is not recommended as the White Rose Alba doesn’t seem to prefer it and will not mix well.

Simply warm the Rose oil with some warm tap water so that it will become liquid (when cool a true, undiluted rose oil becomes solid – you will need to work quickly as it does solidify quickly depending on your room temperature) and warm the Certified Organic Jojoba in the same way. Put the required amount of the Jojoba into your bottle, then add the Rose. Swirl gently. Voila. Open the bottle. Sniff. Put a dab on your wrist. Close the bottle. Open it again. Sniff. Put a dab along your throat below the jawline. Sniff your wrist. Sniff the bottle. Close the bottle. Wander over to a different chair. Sit down. Sniff. Repeat.

You can also use it in this form to create your own solid perfume, to scent a lotion or cream, in a massage oil… and to escape for just a moment…

Or you can buy it premixed at 10% rose to 90% jojoba – it’s easier on the budget and you don’t need to play with it.

Rose Otto Aromatherapy

Close up yellow rose

Close up yellow rose – Wikipedia

Rose is called a woman’s oil, for good reason.

Everyone has their own preferences, but Rose is by far a common favourite of women dealing with…

  • depression
  • stress
  • menopause

And of course…


If you can’t get him to do it, buy some for yourself :0)

Your worth it!

Get your own little dab of heaven here…


English: Unknown rose - Bagatelle Rose Garden ...

Bagatelle Rose Garden, Paris, France. Wikipedia

Purchase White Rose Alba C02 Certified Organic

Purchase Bulgarian Rose Ott Hydrodistilled ECOCERT Certified Organic

Like any quality rose oil… a little dab… is unforgettable…

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English: Unknown rose - Bagatelle Rose Garden ...

Bagatelle Rose Garden, Paris, France: Wikipedia

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