KD8000 My Weigh Scale – Saturday Special

The KD-8000 My Weigh scale is one of the items that I use all the time so I thought that it would be a perfect ‘weigh’ to start my new Saturday Special feature. Every Saturday I will post a new special here that will run until the following Saturday.

The things that I love about my scale:

  • the raised weighing platform so that I can easily see the numbers
  • the removable weighing platform and the fact that it’s stainless steel for easy washing (the whole scale wipes up nicely)
  • the plastic cover that hinges up – it is much more durable than the original covers were but you can swing it out of the way anytime
  • the range of weigh options – you can weigh in grams, kilograms, ounces, pounds at the touch of a button from 1 gram to 8,000 (or .1oz to 8lbs)
  • it comes with a lifetime/30 year warranty
  • it’s extremely durable
  • it’s backlit – that’s just cool
  • something else that’s cool – the buttons click when you press them but they are soft – go figure!
  • auto off feature
  • My supplier is an Eco Friendly company who uses biodegradable plastic in many scales as well as many other earth friendly practices such as purchasing carbon offsets to keep a zero carbon balance. Well done!

If you want a good soaping and skincare items scale this one will do the trick and then some.

Reglular Price – $89.99

Saturday Special Pricing – $69.99 with adaptor – Click Here to Order


Colour: Silver Only

I have 3 in stock, I will honour the special pricing for anyone who orders before noon next Saturday Oct 16, 2010 when the next Saturday Special will be coming up. If the 3 are gone when you order I will be happy to order more but there will be a two week waiting time,  just to let you know.

You must order using the links on this page, the scale page on my site is not updated with the new scales yet. The good news is that the new scales are regularly priced lower as well, so if you can’t grab this special, keep us in mind – the older scales used to be 109.99 with adaptor – big savings!

Here are the specs from My Weigh… If you like to do your soap and skin care recipes using percentages, you are going to love the new percentage feature. All in all it’s better and cheaper, a great time to grab yours…

The My Weigh KD-8000 scale is the perfect scale which includes a removeable Protective LCD Display Cover (as well as three Soft Protective LCD Display Covers) which helps protect against many weighing messes such as recipes, candle-making, spills & more!


Not many scales in its class can match up to the reputation & features of the KD-8000; the biggest change from the KD-7000 to the KD-8000 is the new Baker’s Math/Percentage Weighing function.

This has been a long-standing way for bakers to weigh their ingredients in proportion to their main ingredient (flour). This feature is the preferred method for bakers for the simple fact that it eliminates messy math that comes with weighing in teaspoons, cups, etc. – instead you deal with just percentage. Also, measuring this way allows for you to make as little or as much as you want easier. Now that’s the easiest weigh to go about baking, isn’t it? This is a MUST-HAVE for any aspiring or professional baker!

Other features of the KD-8000 are…

  • standard Removeable LCD Covers which protect the buttons from the elements (1 Hard-Cover & 3 Disposable Soft-Covers);
  • The KD-8000 has an improved weighing capacity (KD-7000 weighed up to 7,000g & KD-8000 weighs up to 8,000g).
  • a strong, removeable Stainless-Steel Platform, precise readability from 1g to 0.05oz,
  • Programmable Auto Power-Off Feature,
  • Easy-to-read 5-Digit Backlit LCD Display & Adjustable Backlight Feature,
  • strong, durable body & build that has made the KD Series scales a consistent winner among owners &
  • Runs on 3 AA bateries or optional adaptor
  • the ability to purchase an optional AC Adaptor (yours comes with your purchase when you order from Skincare Naturals)

Reglular Price – $89.99

Saturday Special Pricing – $69.99 with adaptor – Click Here to Order

If you’d like to order supplies as well, you can get them from our supplies site – Skincare Naturals. You can shop from both links, your order will be combined into the same cart/shipping charge and will be shipped together.

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