Listen to the Smell – Your Essential Oils Are Talking to You

I thought you might enjoy this article about Jack Chaitman's (Scents of Knowing) view on some of the properties of essential oils. He's an expert on plant distillation who has been actively in the field for over 25 years.

He is "inspired by nature and motivated by his love of smell as an art form".  That sure does have a nice ring to it.

When I say essential oil properties, I don't mean this in the usual sense, I mean it in the way that natural essential oils touch us differently than synthetic fragrance oils, if you are open to them. 

In this hurry up world, many of us miss this component.

On the other hand, many of us who remember to appreciate nature and the natural world, find ourselves 'naturally' appreciated every nuance and facade of a natural essence.

Here is an interesting quote…

As Jack likes to say, listen to the smell, the natural plant fragrances are trying to tell you something. 

Natural Fragrances – Profile of a Master

I also have touched upon this aspect in my article series on essential blending. It never fails to lift my spirits and put joy in my day. 

Here is a quote on page 3 – 

LISTEN WITH YOUR EYES, FEEL WITH YOUR EARS, TASTE WITH YOUR NOSE (and never diet again!) – Janice Ferrante on Blending Essential Oils :0)

You can read it in it's entirety from this link

How to Create Your Own Essential Oil Blend – by Janice Ferrante

Maybe this is where the phrase 'take time to smell the roses' came from! 

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