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One of the reasons that I decided to operate Skincare Naturals is because of the opportunity to promote a true alternative in skin care that is not only healthy, but better for the environment… environment has been a main concern of mine since I was a child (I was running around turning off lights since I can remember :0)

I have been a monthly contributor to Greenpeace.org almost as long as I can remember as well. (right now you can sign up at that link for a free 7 week  weekly email with instructions how to campaign effectively for energy efficiency. “How many people… to change a lightbulb?” Try changing the law!)

And my concern has become much more so in the past years, since I’ve had my own family and see how common sense demands that the effort must be made.

The bottom line is that as world population and industrialization increases, the planet will continue to become overburdened – there is no way of avoiding it taking the path we are on right now – without planning and intelligent use of our resources – both natural and intellectual (in other words, there are just too many plain stupid things being accepted as the norm all around us because smart people are allowed – by us – to do stupid things).

I have long thought that any business should be held accountable for their environmental footprint, although not nearly enough has been done in this direction, I am delighted to see a move in this direction, more so as time goes by.

I ran across this article on the topic of the move towards environmentally friendly business trends that you may find of interest.


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