Hi. My name is Janice Ferrante (Jan for short :0)

I created this little natural skincare business at home way back in 2001 because I’ve always been a person who prefers to “do it yourself”, rather than buy a fancy “store bought” item, be it furniture, food or skin care.

It’s a lot of fun, you get to contribute your own special touch, and unleash the flow of creativity that makes life so much more interesting and unique.

But when I first got interested in making my own soap and skin care, it was primarily because of the ability it gave me to care for my skin without synthetics, to make something pure. I was passionate to keep the earth clean as well as my own and my family’s skin – and our home. (I could never figure the logic in ‘cleaning’ with toxic chemicals?)

With three children at home ages 3 – 8, I was running on a mother’s instinct to protect her young children and to nurture them as well.

I wanted to make something good for my skin, for my family’s skin… and not only that… good for the environment.

And I wanted to share this gift that we can all have – whether it be by taking the time to make it for yourself or by purchasing pure natural skincare items made only with quality natural ingredients.

To have the opportunity to promote good health, environmental choices and responsibility, while doing something that I loved – what could be better?

13 whopping years later, and here we still are! The kids are older (my youngest was 3 and worked at ‘her desk’ in my office – she just turned 17 and drives my car to her job!)

All those years ago, my website had her picture in the logo, she snapped it herself one day and liked to ask me, “How’s my website doing?”. Loved it!

We’ve all come a long way since then – REAL natural skincare as well as natural everything else is much cooler now than it was when I first started out – and I am glad!

I am so glad I found you. It is a joy to get your products and I love the packaging with recycled cereal boxes. You are incredibly efficient and caring and you have opened a whole new world to me. No wonder you have such wonderful testimonies. I am spreading the word to all my friends. Mercedes

Hi Jan and Lisa,
I thought I would drop a line thanking you for your incredible service. I am so pleased with this order that I am already planning my next with your company! Katie Li

I’ve tried the Summertime Multi Purpose Essential Oil Blend. It’s really multi purpose. I use it in my dishwashing soap, in my lotion, in my bath bombs, every where. I’m crazy about it. Francine

Love Janice’s customer service as well as the quality of her products especially the unrefined shea butter! MJ DeSilva

I just had to take time out today while making up my Christmas orders to say Thank You for putting the “pourable” caps on your oils. It sure makes my job easier. I know it is an added cost for you and I so appreciate your thoughtfulness! It’s those little extras that make a company great and exemplify excellent customer service!

Your unrefined natural scented cocoa butter is to die for!! I LOVE the fact that you sent it in a recycled cereal box! I think this is what making natural products is all about. Saving the planet, person by person. Denise

The service was great and you had the communication going on via e-mail. The BEST customer service I could ever get on-line. I will be your repeat customer. Please send me your catalog of other products. Sunilla

I am very happy with the products and service. Caring attention to details. Prompt delivery and surprise gifts! Thanks. I will be ordering from you again. Amanda

I got my order last Friday. I am very excited to make my own cream and soap. Thank you for the gift. I will make another order at the future. Thanks Ivy

I’m just entering into the natural skin care making world and feel very encouraged by the integrity of service I have received from your company,from the quality of the ingredients and the information you provide, right down to the shreddies packaging you ship it in. In fact I have been telling all of my friends how glad I am to have found a company I feel I can really trust.
Thank you, Lisa Marie

My biggest thrill is that we can make natural skin care an option that is not only possible, but fun and easy for you too. Jan Ferrante :0)

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